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Basic dni, anti xenogender, anti neopronouns, anti furries, anti otherkin/therian, supporters of problematic ppl(brendon urie, melanie martinez, orion simprini, ronnie radke etc etc cuz theres too many problematic ppl), pro autism speaks. i will probs add more as i think of them

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What if I listen to Falling In Reverse for the music and not the people? Idk I separate the art from the artist.

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i do the same as long as u dont support Ronnie ur good :]

by Remus/Spencer; ; Report

Okay, I do not support Ronnie. :)

by Xx.a1i3n_fr3ak.xX; ; Report


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What did Melanie Martinez do

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1. shes a pedo, she was exchanging child porn with her friend 2. she profits off of abused children when shes not one herself 3. she romanticises mental illness. im sure shes done a lot of other stuff

by Remus/Spencer; ; Report

Where’d you get this information? I’ve never heard of that.

by Astrobiowl; ; Report

simple searches and reading of some articles calling her out with screenshots of proof

by Remus/Spencer; ; Report