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DNI lists aren't stupid?? Let's talk.

so i've seen plenty of people saying dni lists are stupid. i don't agree.

no they aren't "chronically online", they're sharing their boundaries.

personally, i think the arguments over this are stupid. 

"oh no! they don't want to talk to me because i'm a dsmp stan! whatever will i do?!"

not talk to them?? it's that simple

howerer, dni goes both ways. if you don't want a fan of something to interact with you, don't go interacting with them. 

you can't have "dni if genshin fan", then go on someone's post calling them cringe for liking it.

what do you guys think? let me know in the comments, i'm curious to hear your opinions.

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snailman and dirk. :=)

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Agreed. Don't like something? Just scroll. Unless it's something really horrible. Or illegal. Then you shouldn't let it get to you. Man up about other's DNI lists. Just find a different friend instead. And don't go targeting people because they're part of your DNI list. Especially if they're not bothering you.

The block button exists. Just be the mature one. -Dirk.

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