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So you want to create a blog

Well now, I've kinda always wanted to blog. Being disabled and not able to see coworkers or even people much, you get kinda lonely. So since this is here, maybe I'll try it on for size.

I made a spacehey account about a year ago, due to the nostalia it gave me from my childhood. I'm on it today because, yet again, I have been banned from facebook. And since facebook security is an AI only, the computer can't differentiate between tone, infliction, intent, etc. So basically I got banned because someone reported me for violence, even though I was commenting to tell someone they can't be violent. And since facebook thinks they are top notch simply because they are about the only social media network around right now, it's highly unlikely they will do anything to improve their report/ban system. So I'm going to try and help spacehey out, hopefully they don't turn into a facebook jr. "Come on Spacehey, I'm rooting for you."

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