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today Was the start of the third quartre and i definetly fonna fail athis quarter bro. my history teacher is becomign so annoying........... hes been so mad at my grade recently and the second we walk in the classroom bro starts complaining aboyt something. like fr my friend and i were standing outsie the door waiting for him to come open it and rifht when he got to the door he complained about somethign i dont even rememrb what it was tbh but BRO IS SO ANNOYING !!!!!!!!!!!!! im def gonna fail his class this quarter. since its the third quarter one of my classes changed and now i have art :/ i usually love art but this class kinda sucks the room is so tiny but theres a ton of kids so its all crowded and stufg ughhhhhhhh and thers like seventh graders and sixth graders in my class? id be okay iwht that if they werent all a bunch of assholes. my seat is also next to DSMP FANS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but anyway these kids were making fun of the teacher for just explaining basic stuff? its the first day so shes explaining basic class stuff ofc but these kids were like mocking her. wtf? anyway IHGUHUh I HAVR THIS CLASS AND WE;re currently reading a book and we have to answer a bunch of questions but they are PERSONAL QUESTIONS i hate answering personal questions especiialyl if its a teacher asking and WE HSVE TO RESPOND IN A PARAGRAPH mf i cant think that much about a question. OH BUT ANYWAY GUys i got another gerard funko pop but its the balck parade one :D yippee

also my ex is so goofy.......... basiclly a bunch of stuff has happened witwh her and now we never talk but she thinks things r okay between us? and like we BARELY EVER TALK and today she messgaed me saying she lvoes me? girl we arent even friends idk u i haevnt seen u in motnhs you never talk to me what????????

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