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blinkies & other cool gifs!

">   a bunch of cool blinkies, stamps, & gifs!  A lot of these are from fandoms/stuff I like lol

                                         feel free to use/take them if you want!




^ all 3 of these are made by rooks/graffiti/noize 8-(|BP!

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THAnk uuuuu

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how do you use them

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Right click and press either copy image (for adding to a blog or bulletin) or copy image link (for adding to your profile) if you want it on your profile you have to use the code and put the image link in the quotation marks (also take the slash out)

Hope this helps :)

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Sorry it removed the code

Img src= "" and then add <> around it

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(Sorry for commenting this here, it wouldn’t let me message you. Rad blinkies btw 👀)
Hello! I wanted to ask you if you were okay with me switching up the rat layout you’ve done with dog stuff (bgs, emojis, etc) I love the rat one, I’m just a dog hyperfixated freak lmao, I’d code my own profile but the farthest I know into code is- well switching out images and color code and little things like that (bc I come from toyhouse, they use the same code there). I totally understand and respect if you don’t want me to do it, I’ll just continue to use it as it is if so^^ just wanted to ask ya!

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oh yeah! im totally cool with you using any of my code lol!

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Thanks sm!! :D they’re awesome so 🙌💖

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NO YOU!! 💙💙💚

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dont know how to bookmark on here so I suppose this will do. thank u x

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