Ikkicon blog ONE!11!!

My typing quirk will not used so this will be easier to read!

Ikkicon is in 4 days!!!! currently I have my Toy Bonnie cosplay ready, minus some makeup I need to replace. My Noelle Holiday is what worries me right now, because it has nothing done at all. I have a wig, dress, and I think shawl ordered, but Im gonna need a backup cosplay incase it doesnt work. I think my backup will be Bob Velseb, all I need to do is find part of the sweater. The problem I have with Bob Velseb is that its kinda basic, and this is an anime con. I doubt people here would know him XD

Im going with my friend, Alex, its on their birthday so Im planning to surprise them with their favorite food, an Italian desert called tiramisu! I cant decide if I wanna make it, or just buy one from cosco XD. I dont know what their cosplays look like, and they dont know what mine look like, so its gonna be a suprise to eachother what we are wearing!!Β 

Anyways, for now I just need to work on Noelle. After school, Im gonna make her hooves while listening to homestuck.

Cya later, gaymers!!11

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