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Therapy is OVERRATED

hey guys its me again, xXDark_Knight_Emo_Lord_69Xx!

so.. my butler signed me up for therapy, UGH unbelievable! like i need that. music IS my therapy😒😒😡😡🤬🤬🤬 (shoutout to the totally underground bands mcr and nirvana for always being there for me) unlike my parents who aren’t there for me because they’re dead. i’m an orphan which might be part of the reason i have to go to there. i don’t care  much about being an orphan tho the main thing that makes me really feel BAD in life is limited internet access.. like what the fuck??😒🙄🙄

ugh yeah anyway just because i’m EMO doesn’t mean i need to go to therapy. what if i like being emo?? what if it’s not just a phase??? what if this is who i am huh??😢☹️😒

so my butler just called me because i have to leave for my appointment soon. i guess i should make a good impression so i’m gonna go do my hair and makeup and put on a choker😒 should i go with a studded belt or no idk if it will go well with my outfit😕 pls help ill update latermy outfit

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My poor petite emo

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thank you my dear sweet incel

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