I don’t know about anybody else but does math come easy to y’all. I just wanted to drop something nice and quick about how I’ve been doing and how math has finally come easy to me for once. All these lines and simplifying come simple to me. Math was never my favorite subject, but I really like being able to actually understand it. This is a learning experience for many of us so I’m glad I made progress and I’m sure y’all can too. 

Remember to drink several glasses of water a day, so you can be healthy, hydrated and have energy for the day. It’s also a nice refresher if you’re just waking up. 

Thanks for reading!

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math is too confusing I don't like algebra, they give me letters and expect to know what it means. wtf is "b + a - x =?" and then they give me absolutely nothing to help me figure it out.

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Crazy. It just be like that.

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