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Introducing Myself!


I'm Feather! Or you can call me as Piko <3?

I'm from Turkey, and I use He/They pronouns. And I'm 15 year old,  and I'm Biromantic Demisexual

My fandoms are; Vocaloid, Pokemon, Sailor moon, Bungou Stray dogs (?), Warrior cats (?), Sanrio etc! 

You can chat with me if you want, alright? My door is always open for that stuff! So don't be shy alr? 

I like all vocaloids but I can see myself as Utatane Piko. 

I'm a multishipper, especially in vocaloid fandom. 

I ship Piko or any other loid with others. But my main ship for Piko is Kagamine Rin! But I like him (Aka Piko) being with  Len, Yuuma, Mirai Komachi and Fukase! 

And sometimes I draw and do Talkloids! 

I love Vocaloid X3! 

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