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i personally think neopronouns are outrageous

i thought xe/xem or xe/xer was bad enough,but fr? kitty/kat? vamp/ire? srsly? 

the xe/xem one...okay i KINDA understand but can we just stick to they/them, she/her, he/him, and all the combinations between them? sexuality may be a spectrum,but get real, it was never this big! i can tell some people feel pressured into being part of this community, and that completely contradicts the whole point of our pride! at this point, straight people will need a pride. and everyone knows a certain part of our community (I'm not gonna say who but i think you know this character) will NOT agree with this and usually in the lgbtq community things tend to be unanimous.

my point is... GET. A. GRIP. we are trying to normalise this right? well outrageous pronouns arent normal. i know i wouldnt go out of my way to type "oh yeah and then kitty went to the mall to get katself some new jeans" who does that? first of all the mall barely ever has fashionable jeans and second, IM GONNA SAY THEY/THEM.but yeah let's drop those *~* 

thanks for reading hopefully i swayed you at least a little bit 

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