A Ringlorn Standard

Communication and boundaries

Hardest things in life to emplace

Causing one to quiver and shake

A thrust of iron into the heart

The undoing of something pure

Partnerships ruined for the future

Dragging everyone involved to a lower ring

Regressing ourselves to comforting levels

Liberation from this is only made by doing the uncomfortable

Setting the archers on the ramparts

Sending out the couriers to clear the air

Prepping for a greater war

An establishment of peace

To avoid social bloodshed

Dodging the knives and poison spewed

A game of pure intrigue to partake in

The love there now dissipated

Respect lowered due to past epics

Pain in the side akin to a crucifixion

Trying to get a point across

Flashover point being reached

The tongues sharpened on imaginary arguments

Fighting to win or to resolve

No one comes out a winner

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