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100 questions

100 questions to get to know me better! (well.. technically 100 questions.. i had to delete a few because they seemed.. a little weird to me!)

Are you a morning or night person?

i think i'm more of a morning person, i used to enjoy the night but now it's more scary, i'd rather be awake than asleep!

Are you afraid of the dark?

yes, kind of! i prefer being in the light.

Are you an extrovert or introvert?

would it be weird to say that i have no clue? i think i can with people easily and make friends easily, yet it gets tiring to stay around people for too long..

Are you double jointed?


Are you left or right handed?

im equal! both!

Are you more of a tidy person or a messy one?

definitely without a doubt a tidy person!

Are you on time or always late?

i try to be on time, and usually i am! well.. i havent arrived for anything scheduled in a while, so i can't tell what i am now.. but.. still!

Are you ticklish?

i think im skipping this one. this is an odd question.

Can you curl your tongue?


Can you ice skate?

yess! i'm not very good as it's been a while since i've had the chance to because of what's been going on, but.. i can move which counts ! i think.

Can you wiggle your ears?

nope, sadly. though i don't think i'd want to anyways.

Coffee or tea?

tea! coffee is good, but i think i'd prefer tea.

Cookies, cake or donuts?

cookies.. cake is too sweet with the frosting and i don't like donuts! donuts get everywhere.. at least, for me.

Did you ever participate in a talent show?

a loong time ago! it was all the way back in elementary or so,, i forgot what i showed but maybe i'll edit this when i remember! after all, it has been a while..

Did you go to prom?

mhm! i went with mi amigo, marcador!

Did you like school?

kind of.. half and half! i enjoy mis amigos and spending time with marcador, however it can get verrryy stressful and overwhelming..

Do you believe in ghosts?

well, this one is a tough one.. i'd say im middle ground. i don't fully believe in them, but i don't think they don't exist, y'know?

Do you bite your nails?

yeah, but i try not to! really!

Do you consider yourself a good cook?

well, yeah! i guess i'd consider myself a decent cook, especially for my age.

Do you enjoy dancing?

i guess so! im.. decent, i think. i'd much rather dance alone than around others, though..

Do you enjoy DIY or crafts?

i used to love doing that all of the time! it's fun what you can make with so little..

Do you forgive easily?

hrm,, well... kind of! it depends on how close we are.. 

Do you have a nickname?

yes, plenty! ces, cee, cesarine, cerise.. many!

Do you have any allergies?

nope, don't think so!

Do you have any phobias?

..phobias? i think i'd rather keep it to myself, thanks!

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

nope, but i used to want a nose piercing!

Do you have children?


Do you have pets?

ahh.. no sadly. i used to want a cat a while ago,

Do you have siblings?


Do you prefer dogs or cats?

...cats! but it's a tough choice...

Do you prefer Mac or PC?

.. what !

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?


Do you prefer to bath or shower?

it depends on how i'm feeling.. if i want to relax i'll take a bath!

Do you sing in the shower?

no :)

Do you smoke?


Do you speak any different languages?

mhm! i speak spanish!

Do you still have your wisdom teeth?


Do you still watch cartoons?

ahh, nope!

Do you/have you played any sports?

roller skating.. i think that counts, anyway!

Does your name have a special meaning?

uhh.. you'd get lots of meanings online, but as for my own family meaning.. i don't think so!

Have you ever been hospitalized?

yeah, a couple times!

Have you ever been on a diet?

only once, but that was a while ago.. quite the while!

Have you ever been to a concert?

no, but me and marcador have wanted to go to one together!

Have you ever gone camping?

nope! i think i want to someday, though!

Have you ever met any celebrities?

nope, don't think i ever will!

Have you ever skipped class?

a few times with this really sketchyish? guy. im pretty sure we were skipping for entirely different reasons. i usually don't skip just to avoid the chaos that comes with being found out but.. i needed the break.

Have you ever won something?

uhh, sure?

Have you had braces?


How are you feeling right now?

hhhmmm... tired?

How tall are you?

..hrrm.. i don't know, actually. i haven't checked up on my exact height in quite the while, but i do know i'm a bit shorter than marcador.. i think he's about average! i'd say about.. 5'8" last time i checked.

If money were no object what would you get for your next birthday?

away from mandela county!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

..anywhere but mandela county!

Were you ever a scout or a brownie?

uh, no!

What did you last eat?


What did you want to be when you were younger?

a cook!

What do you do on a typical Friday night?

in the present? uh.. not much.

What is one food that you refuse to eat?

jello. i don't like the texture.

What is one item on your bucket list?

go on a zip line!

What is one item you can’t live without?

my blanket and notebook! i've had them for a while, they mean a lot to me. 

What movie have you watched repeatedly?

bambi.. i've seen it a few.

What phone do you have (Apple or Android)?


What should you be doing right now?

..nothing much, really.

What’s one goal you would like to accomplish this year?

living! well.. without the alternates i think i'd like to accomplish.. mastering a new hobby!

What’s one of your pet peeves?

people who purposely ignore boundaries!

What’s the last song you’ve listened to?

claus by los tres

What’s the most expensive item of clothing that you own?

my prom suit!

What’s the thing you can’t leave the house without?

hmm.. used to carry chapstick a lot.

What’s your best physical feature?

my eyes, probably! or my hair. those two!

What’s your Chinese sign?

..no clue what this is!

What’s your current obsession?

i guess this site.. it's literally the only other thing i do besides journalling.

What’s your dream car?

i don't think i have one?

What’s your favourite animal?

uhh a cat?

What’s your favourite book?

i really can't choose a favorite..

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite dessert?

this kind of counts? pan dulce! it's so good..

What’s your favourite drink?

water.. or a shake!

What’s your favourite food?

enchiladas probably.

What’s your favourite foreign food?


What’s your favourite gadget?

mp3 players i guess?

What’s your favourite hobby?


What’s your favourite movie?

the nightmare before christmas!

What’s your favourite restaurant?

honestly? i've forgotten.. i used to go to one with mi mama when i was young but it's been a while since then, and i usually cook for myself at home.. i haven't been to a restaurant in a long while now that i look back on it.

What’s your favourite sandwich?

egg sandwich.. maybe.. i like a few.

What’s your favourite season?

autumn, maybe? the warm colors are so comfy.. and it's chilly. i'd say winter but it gets TOO cold! plus.. autumn is just as much as a hot chocolate season as winter!

What’s your favourite series?

i don't think i have one. i dont think so. i dont think so. i dont think so. i dont think so.

What’s your favourite snack?

strawberries.. they're my favorite fruit!

What’s your favourite sport to watch?

soccer! or as some call it, football!

What’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?

eggs, bacon and pancakes!

What’s your full name?

cesar ████ t █rres!

What’s your longest relationship so far?

none, funny enough!

What’s your lucky number?

992! or.. if we're speaking cakewalk type of number.. 5!

What’s your star sign?


When is your birthday?

sept█mber ████ 

Who do you miss right now?

mark.. odd question to ask, though! oh, also mi mama.

Who is your celebrity crush?

"celebrity crush"? haha, none!

Who’s your favourite fictional character?

i don't know.. i don't think i'd have a favorite? which sounds weird.. but true.

that's all!!!! i'll update it more later as some questions i have forgotten.. maybe they'll come back to me eventually! hope you enjoy!

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macs and pcs are computers

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..oh, i see! i think macs sound.. like a more fun word. i'd probably go with that, then !

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