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My opinion on DNI lists

     So I wanted to post a blog but I didn't know what to post. I scrolled through some other blogs to get an idea and I saw a lot of people hating on DNI lists so here's my maybe unpopular opinion on them? 

     Okay so, let's start off by saying that I do not care about your opinions on DNI lists and this is my personal opinion, okay but anyways. 

       Dni lists are valid in my opinion...to an extent. Stuff like DSMP fans DNI and Genshin Fans DNI are thin ice. Transphobia DNI makes sense though as it can trigger that person to have a breakdown if the person doesn't support trans people if said person is trans. DSMP fans support racist people and said person may not want to be associated with people of supporters like that but, things like, lesbians DNI (unless it's a certain safe space for another minority group), or blonde people DNI is just stupid and chronically online. There is no way you can possibly not stand to interact with a blonde person. In conclusion, DNI lists are valid depending on what the DNI is for.

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THISS. this is what people need to hear

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by Ray; ; Report