january 16th, 2023

Today we had a few switches, Bailey came to front after a while of not fronting, which was weird. I mean we did watch some true crime on netflix which might have triggered her out. We watched The sins of our mother, truly heartbreaking, only watch if you really wanna cry. The dahmer tapes, learned new things about the case that we didn't know about before hand, so that's cool, only watch if you are not easily made sick. The texas killing fields, that one was so interesting, it was a whirlwind of emotions and a hard to follow story. I recommend them all though! But that is just because we really love true crime! Currently in front it is Angel, Bailey, and Maya (the jealousy holder one). We are on call with a friend system and did absolutely nothing productive today. We woke up around 9:30ish and then went downstairs and had some dino nuggets and chicken noodle soup for breakfast, mom gave us some pills for our migraine, that we had since 2 days prior, which really helped, and we worked on our knitting hat!!!

Signing off, Khaotic System <3

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