January 16th 2023

Today was a bit of a dissapointment.  It started off with me having to wake up at four in the morning for work.  Me and my coworkers were supposed to have today off for Martin Luther King Jr. day but we ended up having to come in to move an office back to where it was before the floor people came in.

I was already annoyed with this as I had to work nearly twenty four hours on Friday.  I was supposed to come in Saturday as well but, I couldn't go in after twenty two hours.  

Anyways, today didn't have a great start.  Everyone had the mindset of, "get things done fast and over with" so that we could be back home by noon.  Everyone but Theo.

We could have been done by noon if it wasn't for Theo.  We were moving offices so, me and my coworkers were focusing on the items that go back into the office.  Theo on the other hand was focused on cleaning windows in the hallway and taking three different twenty minute smoke breaks.

My day took a better turn when my other coworker, Dan, decided to take me in on the project we was working on in the office.  He was working on re-wiring the phones and computers.  He taught me how to end a CAT-9 cable and I was pretty good at it too!

We finished around one-fourty p.m.  After I clocked out I headed to my friend's work because she wanted an old blanket that I didn't want anymore. (It was a sally face blanket.)

When I came home I ate some Chick-fil-a and played around on everskies.  

I recently had to create a new Tumblr account so I'm trying to redo all my links and tags on there; as well as follow more people that have the same interests as me to lengthen my feed.

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