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Song Recs #2 (jan 23)

Belated happy new year! It's back - even if you haven't been waiting for it. I'm doing monthly song recs, yadda yadda yadda, lets get going.

This month's crying song: Coming Back to You by Leonard Cohen

Kids these days don't listen to Leonard Cohen enough. (I am kids these days tbh).  I haven't really been that teary eyed this month, so I haven't actually cried to this on loop, but it's only been about half the month, so there's still time. It does get me in the feels though.

This month's 'anime opening in your head' song: It's Just Forever by Cage the Elephant

I'm being with generous with the 'anime opening' category this month, since only about the first minute of this really gives me that vibe. So sue me. Anyways, this one goes hard, but if you listen to lyrics and have issues with possessive talk, maybe skip it.

This month's song to play while you're chilling: Electric Feel (Justice Remix) by MGMT / Justice

This bassline is absolutely killer but just the right amount of relaxing as well. Perhaps not the best song to fall asleep to, but fantastic for drawing, gaming (if you are willing to mute the soundtrack and loop this instead) or commuting, in particular. If you have your own car and the speakers are good, this is the perfect test for them.

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