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Oh to be a fairie in an unassuming forest...

The real question is, why do I have to study 24/7 just to get accepted to a decent university when all I ever want in life is to be a little fairie in the woods taking care of raccoons and foxes and those cute little bunnies who look like they'd be good pals with the intimidating wolves. I want to be that fairie everyone turns to whenever they're sick because I love medicinal herbs. I JUST WANT TO GROW SUNFLOWERS ALL DAY LONGGGGGG and cuddle with cats and dogs and everything good in life...

But alas... here I am, sipping my second cup of coffee near midnight just to stay awake for my responsibilities that are in every way irrelevant to my little dream... and by the end of the day, I am nothing but another puppet to be turned into another mindless cog in this huge machine called society. Then I will die spending the rest of my days cleaning dried urine and feces in hospital floors, without ever owning a modest library in the woods full of ancient, forbidden knowledge.

But c'est la vie... such is life... such is life. 

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