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Looking for friends!! :))

Hiii!! I'm bored af so i'm looking for friends!!

Im Ani, im 14 and I'm a silly little emo kid :-)

Pls interact if:

  • You're 13-17
  • You like MCR, Get Scared, PTV, SWS, BVB, Taking Back Sunday, FOB, Paramore, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Used etc
  • You're emo/scene
  • You like horror games
*updated 30/4/23*

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hii , wanna be friens?

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yaaa :))

by #1 ray toro fan; ; Report

aaaaaaaaa so sorry for replying late I was busy :((

by Melziee; ; Report

itz fineee ive been superrr busy 2 XD

by #1 ray toro fan; ; Report

xd yeah, school eats away all of my time x-x

by Melziee; ; Report

when were you when john lenin dies?

when were you when john l...'s profile picture

hello :D

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