⛧🪐⚡ rave outfits! - 15-01-23 ⚡🪐⛧

Look at me acc uploading a ootd on the day, who is she?

Anyway, I made some more outfits with the harness I'm borrowing from my gf

fairy boywings :)flowey dressnew binder:)))wingz <3

Felt like a fairy in these outfits. I guess the green dress one could be seen as a sort of fairy punk. The dress is also my gfs, I haven't worn fem clothes out since I came out (trans man if you cba to check my profile) and I kinda miss fem clothes but I probably won't be able to till I medically transition. Fuck you NHS waiting list.

Anyway, I felt cute :) I wanna go to a club or a rave in these but I'd probably have to give over the wings to my gf. I gotta get myself a cool body harness

- Milo he/they

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