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gay survey suckers

1. Are you questioning still?

Eh I mean kinda, it circulates in my head every now and then but tbh im chill not knowing wtf I am.

2. Are you in the closet?

K i n d a. Im under the trans spectrum and usually use the word trans to identify myself but my parents dont know that yet 

3. Do you live in a transphobic and/or homophobic household?

Nah family is pretty supportive

4. Do you have any lgbtqia+ friends?

lol like more than half of them are

5. Are you cisgender?

n o

6. If you’re comfortable with saying what’s your sexuality?

Technically Omni ig I dont know, I just say bisexual or gay cause its easier to explain than what I use which is polysexual. NO NOT POLYAMOUROUS POLYSEXUAL. I got nothing against polyam people, they actually slay but i dont like it when people get me confused with other identities. jesus I made that complicated 

7. If you’re comfortable saying what’s your gender?

I do not know, something like masculine trans maybe. 

8. What are your pronouns?


9. Have you heard verbatim by mother mother?

yeah but i dont listen to it much

10. Do you like rainbows?

I dyed my hair rainbow twice-

11. Any favorite lgbtqia+ musicians and/or band?

uhhh idk I mean not that I can think of, maybe cavetown.

12. Are you out to anybody?

mhm lots of people

13. Do you like frogs (not related but still)?

Theyre not my favorite but yeah, theyre chill

14. Have you ever cried to a Cavetown song?

yep this is home i think 

15. Do you understand gay humor?

uh- I hope so

16. When did you realize you were lgbtqia+?

I guess there were some signs before hand but what solidified it was in fifth I girl I liked had just held my hand for a min. I was sitting there like "YOU SEE ME IN HINDSIGHT TANGLED UP WITH YOU ALL NI-"

17. Do you want a platonic partner?

No, because i feel like I would just fall in love romantically. 

18. Are you aroace?

Kinda demiaroace

19. Have you ever been misgendered?

Yes many many times

20. Are you amazing? (Cause you really are trust me)

maybe I am maybe im not, who knows, who knows?

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