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About me by Catstiel.

I thought I would consolidate all the stuff on my profile page into a one MEGA blog post. This will free up space on my page + negate the fact that my theme blends the topic headers because they are the same color as my background and I can't figure out how to adjust their color to stand out. Please keep in mind that this will be updated and refined in the future. There are some things I want to expand on but have not and others that I will probably add when im more comfortable. OH and feel free to send me a friend request if you share any common interests or just want to chat!

So first things first!

Hi, I am Catstiel, I'm 22 and use She/They pronouns. For those wondering I identify as a Demigirl (Falls under the non-binary umbrella) but to those who don't care or don't believe in more than two genders, I was assigned female at birth so I hope that "helps". I am Bisexual (Attracted to Masc/Fem presenting individuals). My nationality is Australian and I am typically described as the grumpy rainbow sheep by my cousins.

Stuff I studied/enjoy learning about:

I am a bit of a health science nerd, though I suck at remembering statistics. I studied Health Science and Youth Work for a few years which was not what I expected it to be. I want to study health science on a global scale which is not really an option, there are no specific single courses I can do here in Australia for global/geopolitical health science. In Australia health science is a pathway course into other areas like medicine, physiotherapy, and other roles within a hospital, it is focused on our national healthcare system and the municipal team roles that we could progress into with further study. Although I enjoyed my health science course, it was two years studying my own systems when what I really wanted to know was the stuff going on in other countries, and I had already studied the Australian healthcare system for three years during high school. The best part OF high school was learning about geopolitics and health science, it was the one class that I actually always wanted to attend and put my efforts into. I don't want to study arts and politics because I know just how far down the rabbit hole that will lead me and then I would probably decide to run for a member of parliament, which is not a good idea for a 22-year-old labor-voting (democrats for all ye Americans) cleaner who has no real idea on how to progress with my goals.

What I like to do in my free time:

Ok, I admit it. I am a crazy Pokémon plushie collector, I have at least more than 100 and I have not counted them all in like 5 years. It's a hobby I picked up when I realised that I got along better with animals and stuffed toys better than most other kids, and it stuck though to now. If I ever have a future partner I hope they can cope with having a spare bedroom full of my plushies and memorabilia. Outside of my plushies, I love playing Pokémon video games and I grew up on Soul Silver, where I met my first-ever pokemon Totodile. Totodile has a special place in my heart but once I discovered my true partner mon Cyndaquil after restarting a second copy of the game I just about fell in love. I have a small group of cyndaquil toys and I am always trying to find a way to involve Cyndaquil in stuff. Other than Pokémon I am BIG into Animal Crossing. I grew up on Wild World for the DS and I played that a lot. I went out of my way to buy my cousin a copy of it when New Leaf came out (I also bought her New Leaf as well) for her birthday and we played together. Animal Crossing brought me out of my shell and made me connect with others (even if they were just NPCs's the villagers still felt like real people to me). I grew up on the Ds Lite, Wii, Ps1/Ps2 and slowly grew into 3ds/2ds, Nintendo switch, ps4, and pc gaming over the last 15 years.

Here are some of my favorite recent games on my most up-to-date platforms:

PC: Minecraft, Online Board/Card Games. Stardew Valley. NGU Idle. Warframe, Sims 4, VR Chat, Eco, Golf It AND Golf With Friends, Among Us, Kind Words, Slime Rancher 1 and 2, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Jackbox Party Packs.

Nintendo Switch: Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Nindie Games, Sky Children of the Light, Mario Party All Stars, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Smash Bro's Ultimate, Rocket League, Splats 2 and 3.

Playstation: Horizon Zero Dawn + Forbidden West, Beyond Two Souls, Bedrock Minecraft, Spider-Man + Spider-Man Miles Morales, and No Mans's Sky.

I love watching movies and shows about science fiction, however, I did not get the opportunity to do that much until now. I grew up watching Star Trek Next Gen, with some episodes of all the other series thrown in with whatever was on channel 10 at the time. I am also into Modern Doctor Who, and I started fully watching when the 13th Doctor was released. I recently finished watching Supernatural for the first time. The show took me the whole pandemic to watch. I can't handle gore and violence but my tolerance has grown substantially compared to a few years ago. I also watched all 2 seasons of Dilbert which was a bit of a blast to the past for me as I grew up watching it at my cousin's house as a kid. I am saddened by the fact that there are only two seasons, however, they were two decent, funny, and chaotic seasons. The two Avatar movies by James Cameron hold a special place in my heart. Seeing alien flora and fauna, the impacts of humans on another planet. The cultural effects of destruction from one power to another reflecting on what we are seeing in our own history and current day moved me in ways that I have never felt before. I also really loved the Martian movie and the accuracy of the movie and book to real-world survivability. Eating potatoes every day would drive me insane but if I had some cheese and garlic sauce I think that everything would work out ok for me on mars alone. The final shows I am currently engaged in are the Avatar the Last Airbender + Legend of Korra series. I am almost finished with the final season of Avatar the Last Airbender and I plan on watching The Legend of Korra series within the next week. I am loving the character development and reflections again like in the Avatar movies (James Cameron) reflection of our own histories with fantasy twists.

I do have a small collection of books, however, I tend to start a book, by the set and rarely finish them all. As a part of my new year's resolution, I hope to pick up my books again and at least finish a set this year. My eyes make it hard for me to read for long periods on paper, whereas I can read a lot on my computer screen due to long periods of reading for my university assessments. My favorite book types are sci-fi, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction and medical, mindfulness and mental health, well-being, poetry, and random nonfiction topics that pique my interests.

This is a small list of some of the people who I want to be like in the future for different reasons. Some may not have the greatest track record and I do not agree with everything they might stand for however there are also some personal things that have affected me and are a part of why I call them my heroes/inspirations.

- Misha Collins: For all his amazing charity work, Gish, the positivity he brings to the world, and for being able to stand up to the CW to have Castiels moment in 15:18. They did my boy wrong but it still hit me hard, and I do understand why it was written that way and how Misha didn't necessarily understand the issues it would bring for the lgbtqi+ community. Misha also went through a lot of hardship during his early life which resonates with some of the experiences I have had to endure as well.

- Richard Speight Jr: Every time I see him on screen he makes me smile, even when its something sad. The guy just lights me up with whatever he does. I can't really explain it better than that, he is like a boost of serotonin for my depressed brain and I keep a photo of him as Gabriel (from supernatural) next to Castiel (Misha Collins's character from Supernatural) as my wallpaper.

- Jensen Ackles: This guy, right here. "Chefs Kiss" is such a cutie! Jensen has worked with Jared Padalecki in the AFK campaign and created the SPN Family Love campaign with Misha and Jared in 2016 working with multiple charities to provide for better conditions during the holiday season.

- Jared Padalecki: Jared took time for himself to overcome mental health struggles and used the tools and strategies that worked for him to generate support by pushing members of the supernatural community to work towards good mental health, including the AFK campaign launched in 2015. (He is controversial due to the arguments that occur between him and others online, and the pain that he causes during these is a negative, not everything he does is a positive thing however the good stuff he has done should not be negated).

Shirts and Otis from Stands International: Working with an incredible team to deliver products and support that works with charities, this is an incredible effort and they are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with online. Sometimes there are controversies but outside of that Shirts and Otis make a great team and are always there to answer questions about the charities, donations, and future projects that they help fundraise for.

David Attenborough: An incredible man with the perfect soul. David is connected and at one with the planet, he speaks for those without a voice and has spent his life tirelessly working to conserve and protect the planet whilst also educating millions of people across the globe.

Thank you for reading all of this, I know it was a lot. You persisted and now you know just how crazy I am.

I hope you have a wonderful Life,

Kind Regards.


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