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BYF !!!!!

blood :3


hey !! ii'm astriid/aether/whatever !! ii use any prns!!

sum stuff u should know b4 u friend !! 

ii am biisexual and genderqueer!

ii don't welcome any hate on my page!

ii might have a liil of the autizzle fashizzle . . .

ii find it haard to read ttone but tone tags aren't nneeded !!

ii use a ddouble letter ttypiing quiirk ssometimes :3

mmy fav artiist is goriillaaz :p

ii am ffrom canada and tthe netherlaands !

miight ppost faace pics in ffuture but pplease ddon't ask me for piics !!!

ii am very mmuch paaper white .-.


raciist, homophobe, transphobe..... aanyonephobe?? ddont be biigoted lolz

if you "support trans people" and then shit on neoprnz. . .

getting mad at ppl over their interests ?? what was the reason

gay. /j

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