Puss in boots:the last wish (in depth)

Man this movie is really good.

For those that are doubting watching this, thinking it's a children's movie about a random macho cat then you're gonna be surprised.

It's worth checking out for anyone of any age, such a great movie touching on the matter of death and it's inevitability, also on other just as important subjects like trust and lack of values.

This movie excels at giving comfort and yet making you face reality, of course it's still a children's movie suitable for all ages so it wont get you overthinking, but will help for some struggling, I think, just a piece of comfort.

I'm not really a smart person that is great on covering movies or breaking them down, just don't have the words for it.

But I'm great at looking at parallels and other Easter eggs and what nots, so I'll share them here with anyone who's interested!

!Spoiler warning ahead!

Most people know about this one but Death (The wolf) was always there for every death of Puss'

· During the fight against the earth titan, you can see Death in the shadows behind a crowd of ppl as his first appearance

· During the fight as Puss gets crushed by the 8th bell (you can hear 7 other bells throughout the fight), resembling the end of his 8th life.

· While counting down all the deaths of puss you can see a drawing of the wolf on the border frames

Now switching to the scene at the bar where Death shows himself for the "first" time
before the Wolf appears you can hear eight bell rings.

Looking on the table as well you can see 8 shot glasses that puss drank from, and currently drinking his 9th (could resemble him wasting his last life away by drinking and not taking the threat seriously)
Nearby you can also see Wolf's cup, could mean that he's always there but only seen by those nearing death, which you can see later in the final fight as all of the characters there are close to dying so they see the wolf.

Those are some details but now I'd wanna show some parallels that are pretty sick


Puss coping (real)

by the way, there is a scene where instead of Death's eyes there are coins, this is a referrence to Greek mythology that when a person dies you put coins on their eyes or mouth so they can use it as payment for the ferry to the underworld

(Which later Puss sees Wolf next to the river which is extremely fitting)

That's all I have for this blog, maybe if I find more stuff I'll make another one, for now Toodles ✭


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just saw this movie for the second time with my bro its absolutely stunning! im surprised i never noticed death in the boarders

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Freaking awesome blog as always man! Keep up the good work, I love reading these!

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Thank you man, I really appreciate the nice feedback hehe

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