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Soundtrack Your Year 2023

Hey guys! To try and have some direction this year, I'm going to be undergoing a project. I'll be updating this diary twice a month with a new song that fits how things have been going. I want this to be a way to just, look back on how things have been by the end of it. Feel free to do something similar!

  1. Wasting My Time (Tim Reaper Remix) - Demuja
  2. A Song Dedicated To Stormy The Rabbit - AJJ
  3. Nothing's Working Out - meiyo
This has unfortunately not been the best start of the year. I'll admit. I've been dealing with a lot of emotional stress lately, mostly dealing with trauma. Things are slowly but surely starting to look up though! Hopefully February will have a more hopeful tone.


  1. Lavender - Penelope Scott
  2. You Should Know - Penelope Scott
  3. Dark Saturday - Metric
This month was about the same as the last, with things being a bit more forgiving. That didn't last though.

March and April:

  1. flutter - julie
  2. Until It Doesn't Hurt - Mother Mother
  3. Evergreen/Arsonist - Katzun
  4. HOW TO KILL A MONSTER - Vylet Pony
  5. Brand New City - Mitzki
  6. 64 Little White Things - Cake Bake Betty
I'm going to lump these months together since it's when stuff really hit the fan. In tandem with stuff at home being awful, I kinda had a really awful revelation that a lot of the people in my life didn't actually care about me, something I didn't want to admit. I also got called awful crap in a vague post from my abuser after asking him to take my art off his deviantArt, so that was fuuuuuun. All around stressful, but at least I made a pngtuber.









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