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Custom SpaceHey Logos

a lil tut on how to make custom spacehey logos for your page!

reminder: covering up the spacehey logo is against spacehey's html rules. so if you want a custom logo, at least have the name on there!

css codes to customize logo:

if you want to use a photo, use this code:

if you want a logo like mine, download the spacehey logo at:

 [ ] 

and then edit it however you want. remember, fully covering the logo is against the rules!


.logo {




if you want to only edit the color of the logo, use this code:



nav img.logo {

filter: invert(87%) sepia(32%) saturate(400%) hue-rotate(179deg) brightness(600%) contrast(100%);

\\the code above changes the color of your logo. to find the color of your choice, find it at and replace the old code with the code it gives you 




FAQ - Read this before asking anything!

"how do i add this into my layout?!":

copy the css code of your choice and paste it into your about me.

if you already have a css code in your about me, you can ignore the <style>'s and copy whats inbetween. After that you can paste it in the middle of your code, just remember that it has to be inbetween <styles>'s.

"how do i edit logos?":

download the resources from [ ]

then use any photo editor of your choice to edit it how you want. i just used picsart for mine.

"my logo is stretched out/squished!":

your logo needs to be the exact same size as the spacehey logo photo.

have fun! if your question isnt on the FAQ, i will try to help in comments!

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Thank youuu

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Olive!!! JSCHLATT'S #1 FAN!!!!!!

Olive!!! JSCHLATT'S #1 FA...'s profile picture

how exactly do I change the image so it's the same size as the spacehey logo?

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⋆༺𓆩Xenomorph𓆪༻⋆'s profile picture

thank youuu!!! <3

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BabyD2sh♡_♡'s profile picture

Heey! It helped me a lot (now I'll have to look for an image hehe, but it worked!)

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mine's not working. Here's the code I used: .logo{
nav img.logo{
filter: invert(15%) sepia(26%) saturate(6537%) hue-rotate(347deg) brightness(92%) contrast(93%);
does it need to be in a specific part of my full code or is part of it wrong?

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Idk why the original post specific to add an extra ".logo{." This should work:

nav img.logo{
filter: invert(15%) sepia(26%) saturate(6537%) hue-rotate(347deg) brightness(92%) contrast(93%);

by Izzy; ; Report

thanks!! I got it to work

by xofrnk; ; Report

𝓈𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒽 💋

𝓈𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒽 💋's profile picture

I used this and it worked, but it compresses my image and makes it short, how can I fix this? I already tried making the original image longer but it still does the same thing.

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Pineie / Charlie ๋࣭ ⭑

Pineie / Charlie ๋࣭ ⭑💻's profile picture

I put a custom logo on my blog but the theme has the logo set to be purple and I can’t get rid of that. I’m trying to look for this type of code but I can’t, can anyone help?

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nvm I figured it out!! ctrl + f and then the word “filter”

by Pineie / Charlie ๋࣭ ⭑; ; Report

roe xx

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what is the exact code that you used for your spacehey logo bar? i do not know how to code at all, ty xx

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i try to change it to my custom logo but it wont show :(

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Same, Mabye the code is outdated?

by Starz; ; Report


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thank you so much!!!!

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wilbo baggins

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im trying to change it to red and it's not working:( i copied your code and replaced the color like u said and it doesn't do anything

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ty this helped a lot

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what are the measurements for the spacehey logo?

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Cocaine Angel

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Thank you for this .

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you are amazing thank you!!!

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