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Where would one buy Monster Hunter plushies

Most of my plushies are Pokémon so I need variety. Doing a quick Google search the only official site (I think) I see is a European version of the Capcom site. It also seems they only sell plushies of monsters new to the current game out?

I wanna be able to buy a plush of a monster from any gen. Are there any trustworthy sites? I don't really like using Amazon and supporting people reselling merch at three times the price.

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has some MH plushies available, as well as pre-orders for some new ones.
I know it's >crunchyroll but their store's pretty decent.

I wasn't able to find anything on Goodsmile US's shop, save for two expensive figures.

I have a list of sites available but the site name is slightly unsavory. If you want I can IM you it, otherwise I'll just post what's on the list here. I searched through most of them and found a couple other sites that have Monster Hunter plushies as well, though most of them appear to be for Monster Hunter Rise. Makes sense, I think that's the latest release, but for any older plushies you're gonna have to go through proxy services and/or eBay *shudder*

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I've got ONE from Amazon and it honestly feels pretty official! I think it is at least... Judging by the tag (its from the Airou x Hello Kitty collab) But other than that they're always sold at sickly prices everywhere else and hard to come across. Maybe some bootlegged ones from Aliexpress or Wish might be worth checking out if you want them to look deformed! xD

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uhm, eBay? genius at work here sorry

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Here is a star for trying ☆

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what do you want me to say, there are no alternatives

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I dunno man I just asked this cause I was on the verge of crying cause I NEEEED a Nargacuga plushie

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if you NEED it then sell your soul to some guy on eBay

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Anything for Chibi Nargacuga

by Gray ; ; Report