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I haven’t blogged in ages!!! 2day i decided not to go to school & i’ve been trynna to clean my room but it seems to look like i’ve just made more of a mess anyway QwQ!! unless i get a spark of motivation in the middle of the night i’m probably gonna continue 2morrow! I also have a ton of homework overdue that i have today, saturday & sunday to do! i also have homework due on sunday?? not gonna do it tho XD i’m like super duper bored i was trynna to download a game called “Katawa Shoujo” & itz just not workinggg!! I’ve cosplayed 2x this month so far & i really wanna cosplay Alois Trancy but i don’t have da wig X( I currently have 3 volumes of the Seraph of The End manga series & i’m trying ma best not 2 crease any of them!

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