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radical departure from the norm

generally speaking I don't deal with open messaging very often but considering the benefits, privileges and drawbacks, I'll weather it, but if you do message me, be considerate and somewhat appropriate, as I'm not online all the time (I just leave the browser up and check). 

There really isn't too much going on for the most part, my life is kinda uneventful. Discourse is a wonderful distraction, and this is a window that will not be open forever, either. 

If you're coming on too strong, or are very opinionated, don't bother interacting as I'll just block you and move on. If you're a rightwinger and/or anti-LGBTQ, sit your ass down. Being a wokescold or a Karen will earn you the same contemptuous treatment, so, again, don't even bother. 

Be a considerate human being and I will entertain the same. Since Musk turned Twitter to complete shit and let his right-wing buds shit it up with dubious, illegal, and consternatious material, I hit the road and parked my name. I only check on it for news when I do it, anyhow. 

Anywho, back to gaming and listening to Claude Larson for a while. 🙏🏻

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