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can u guise stfu abt dni lists XD (kinda long rant o.o)

"> no like srsly, i havent been on here in a while and i come back to look at the blog posts and theres multiple posts just bitching abt other ppls dni list

like yah i guess its kinda annoying to see someones list and it says something like "dni if u like the color purple" but how many times are yall gonna cry abt it. if anything, it just means the lists are fulfilling their purpose, which is to keep certain ppl away -.-

but fr as someone who has a dni list that mostly exists to ward off bigots [since im literally a black gay person] the complaining from ppl who dislike them just seem to not rly understand why the lists exists in the first place even if some of the 'offenders' seem stupid to u

personally i come on here to escape sites like twitter where im subjected to seeing a bunch of shit i dont care abt and on top of that straight up hate against ppl in marginalized groups i belong to and it wears on u after a while especially if u have been on the internet for like a decade. it jus shows a lack of empathy to complain abt ppl wanting to curate their own online experience imo >.>

also noticed that a lot of the ppl complaining are rly young and so are the ppl who have dni lists that can be seen as 'ridiculous'. the whole thing is rly silly and chronically online, if someone has a dni that u think is stupid then simply dont interact with them....ive had ppl try to add me and they had dni lists that completely contradict mine...does that mean dni lists are useless and stupid bc someone i dont like decided to use them? not rly. at least not to me. if anything, it makes the site easier for me to navigate since i can get a sense of what type of person im abt to interact with.

to finish this way too long rant, it jus feels like a lot of u wanted to add someone bc u thought they were hot/cool and got upset when u saw their dni list consisted of something u liked. cope XD

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