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This blog will be about music. If you are uninterested, view my other blogs. I write about horror, my lifestyle, and my personal taste in music. Enjoy!

I love music and it has impacted my life in so many ways that I would have never imagined such a broad, yet general, yet subjective matter could cover it all.

I think that music is something that everyone can enjoy. It has something for everyone and there are so many ways to access it that honestly, sometimes I wonder how people do not know more about it. Even just humming your own tune is like connecting to other people through collective creativity. However, we might be subjected to stereotypes. Such as, cool kids listen to pop, and quiet kids listen to indie, etc.. I believe that they keep people outside of the music community by saying that you must enjoy a certain type of music to be interesting and recognized within the community.

The music that I listen to isn't inspired by what I'm into in everyday life. I'm sure that I cannot say that is the same for everyone else, but I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of people feel the same. It's like reading books because of how you dress, maybe someone somewhere does that, but not me. The music that I like just happens to be it's own creative output and has it's own musical community. Weird music is weird. Funny music is funny. But that's not all that it can be limited to. Weird music can be so darn inspiring it might not be the same song, and those strong vocals can turn into the softest voice for such a nice song. I love that kind of music, and a great example of that would be Lemon Demon. Neil Cicerega. Many names does that man have, but I'll be using those two, for now. Neil is pretty well-known... in his tight-knit group. Not famous, but not 6ft-under-the-ground unknown. Something that might spark a memory is that he was in charge of the Harry Potter Puppet Pals. A weird, funny, and humorous Youtube channel where the cast of the HP movies, in puppet-form, would sing completely wackย songs. If you know this show, you are the ultimate friend.

Neil is most times the best-known for three songs, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Touch-Tone Telephone, and Bill Watterson. These songs were definitley a climb to his success as a musician, and helped him to climb as an artist. If not for those songs, I don't think I would have a playlist dedicated to his every. Single. Song.

What music do you listen to? How has it helped you? And also, what should I write about next for the Music blog, Noisy & Loud?

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