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Survey about me (not my idea but it's inspired by someone on here)

Name: Feenyx

Nickname: Feen, Fee

Zodiac: scorpio

eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Top layer blonde, underlayer is brown

Middle name: About to change it because I hate my legal one 

Your fear: Abandonment, people hating me, and all bugs 

Do you sing?: Yes, I took voice lessons and opera lessons

What are you studying in College?: Elementary Education

Boyfriend?: Yep, he is my angel

Do you want to get married one day?: Hell yeah

Do you believe in yourself?: I try

Do you like thunder storms?: They are very relaxing

Do you play any instrument?: Not anymore, but I used to play the piano and ukelele

What country would you like to visit?: Since I was born in Russia, I would love to go back there one day. I haven't been back since I was 1 1/2 years old. 

How many CDs do you own?: I have all of my dad's old rock CDs, but I want a new CD player so roughly around 50, probably

How many Piercings do you have?: 3, I also need to re-gauge my ears  

How many things in the past do you regret?: Most of high school, really. I was a lost and stupid kid and I was never brave and I wasn't nice to myself.

Drink: Diet coke

Car: RAV 4 2018 model

Song: Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie

Color: Yellow 

Movie: Too many to choose from

Moment: When I first kissed my bf before we dated and when he said "I love you" to me for the first time 

Are you happy?: I'm managing 

Aesthetic: Sanrio, punk, emo, y2k

If you have any more questions (Even if they are random) lmk :)

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