My Life was the Worlds Longest Suicide Note.

My Life was the World's Longest Suicide Note.

(Still a W.I.P)

My dear, I am sorry I had to do this, but it had been the only way out of my situation; there is nothing left for me in life and death is all that awaits me now, it will welcome me with the gain of entry into that gloom of perseverance. My name isn't important anymore; you know who I am and what sort of person I've been, and lived as, over the years. Heed my last words: "What does it matter if we die? We're already dead."

My heart stopped beating a long time ago, but since I hath lived on inside your head. The man who rots me has done more than ample to torture you with his memory—you deserve greater! You will never find peace until he can be brought to justice! Please don't give up, or let him win by giving up. Do not forsake my love for you and how I miss you so much every day.

A dreadful prediction, yet He'll get away with it, won't he? He always does. And why should he not? No one will believe you and I, for we seem nonbeing to those whom never felt the grip of our soles that encase our flesh; the flesh of the womenfolk who have done with this for eons. Why should anyone else bother with this foul and unforgiving wake when they fail to bear the knowledge that my life had ended? So please, go ahead, and forgive yourself for being weak and letting him walk free again after what he did to us. It shall not be your fault.

If you don't learn from your mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them, and none of us will ever be safe again. Do not trust the vile, eager, and wretched men who 

bring shame to our skin.

No one else knows how to live as I do. If you're reading this, you must either be very brave, or terribly desperate. But whether you're searching for an answer, or simply seeking your own death, I hope this letter finds whom I desire it to.

You were the first to see past the mask I wore to hide behind as a young girl. You knew exactly what I needed at just the right moment because you'd been through something similar before. That is why I chose you, above all others.

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lot of words in a font i cant read but dont kill yourself? you have to stay around to outlive me

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I didn't plan to hun, just expressing myself in a poetry 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪

by CocoBUTTer; ; Report