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Life updates

I am really bad at consistently updating here but I swear I am still around. I tend to be on discord most of the time. January is proving to be an absolutely bonkers month. I have a dr app I am dreading like crazy on Monday, then mom is having her hip replaced on the 19th which is also my birthday. Hubby is trying to salvage that day, he has ordered us Wagyu steaks for that night. 

This week I published my first book, well it is a workbook but I feel like it still counts lol. The book is " The Sigil Witch's Workbook " and the kindle version is already up on Amazon and they are still reviewing the paperback version and the wait is killing me. I am going to be working on another book but it might take a while x-x its going to be longer than this one lol. I hope you are all having a better start to the year than me and I hope Feb is a better month. Can my life just be boring please?

Here is the book if you want to take a look

I also design clothes here

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