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TWILIGHT ch 1-7 review


A lot of these points were already made by a friend of mine, bc I've never had an original thought in my life lol.

I think the characters are way more likeable in the books rather than the movies. Like. Bella is way more, erm... Relatable, I suppose? In the movies, she was very like. Idk. She was cute in a reclusive anxiety ridden nerd way, but she was a little irritating at times. In the books, she actually thinks things through? Which I guess makes sense since you get to see her internal dialogue, plus there's more time to delve into certain things.

Edward is also way more likeable-- Still creepy, mind you-- but more likeable. He actually speaks to Bella, and like. Smiles and makes jokes and stuff. I'm only up to chapter 7, so we'll see how he ends up being like.
I know there's also that book that's written from Edward's perspective. I wonder how much that'll change my perspective of him...

Jacob so far is good, he's cute, he's also 15. Wuh-oh. 
Bella does this really cool thing where she manipulates Jacob into telling her more about the Cullens by. Flirting with him. Batting her eyelashes, and copying Edward's attractive mannerisms. And this.

"Who was that other boy Lauren was talking to? He seemed a little old to be hanging out with us." I purposefully lumped myself in with the youngsters, trying to make it clear that I preferred Jacob.

...errm... yikes. Bella. Stop manipulating the 15 year old. 
I understand that a two year gap isn't a big deal... When you're both adults. But a 15 year old and a 17 year old is very different. You're at very different stages of development.
And don't even get me started on the Edward thing. Though, I think that'd be beating a dead horse lol.

Other thoughts so far!! I really want to know what Bella was listening to in the beginning of chapter 7. It's described to be some sort of metal, I think. I personally think it's some sort of shoegaze, but I'm very biased about that. I looooove shoegaze. 

I CANNOT wait to meet Alice. She's so cute and hot in the movie and I really really like her.
I think it's really silly and goofy how Bella became so popular so fast. Like, it does sort of make sense, since she's the new girl in town. I think it's cute how three different people ask her to the dance (i'm sure that was the point) and she's just. Pissed about it. I think Bella is a little irritating about Mike. He's so sweet and he's like a golden retriever (something Bella herself aknowledges). I understand that Bella isn't interested in him, idk lol. I guess it's mostly internal dialogue, but she ends up snubbing Mike, Tyler, and the other one a LOT because she's horny for the hot guy. You could AT LEAST be nicer to them as a friend. 
Though to be just a little fair, if I were the recluse in a new school and the hottest guy starts flirting with me after acting like I smelled like a rotting corpse (lol), I'd be a bit distracted too... But not that distracted.

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yeah! you go review twilight! we all love twilight here!
glad to hear that we all love Alice too!

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