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Borderline Personality Disorder

As someone that’s struggled with BPD symptoms for 7 years before getting diagnosed officially it pisses me tf off when literal kids 12-17 years olds swear up and down they have BPD. I’m literally studying neuropsychology which is basically someone that diagnoses people so ik what I’m talking about here me loud and clear if you are under the age of 18 you can’t have BPD you can show symptoms like I did at 10 but you can’t claim you’ve got BPD until you get a official diagnosis at 18 because no one legally can be diagnosed with BPD until 18 because you’re not emotionally developed fully yet. Also stop saying you have BPD then say you get manic because bad people don’t get manic we get euphoric a completely different thing I’ve experienced both because I have BPD and bipolar (Autism and much more). I’m all for self diagnosing autism because no one knows you better than you but You can not self diagnose BPD you have to be officially diagnosed it’s a dangerous disorder and disability not to mention it’s the hardest mental illness to live with so please kids stop claiming and romanticizing BPD it’s not fun it’s not quirky it’s serious and if you are 18+ and have done enough research to think you resonate with the symptoms please go get a evaluation from an actual neuropsychologist no one else can technically diagnose you. One more thing before I’m done with my rant remember if you’re a woman and are 18+ and have been diagnosed with BPD do research on autism because they will misdiagnose you on purpose because women are already seen as sensitive and overly dramatic and they prefer not to diagnose women with autism so they diagnose them with BPD which isn’t always the case I’ve had several people reach out to me and tell me I was right they got misdiagnosed with BPD and actually it was just autism so please do your research yes it’s possible to have both but you’ve gotta do research to know these things or you’re just blindly being lead on because they know you don’t know what they’re talking about so do plenty of research. End of rant/info dumping🤭🤭

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thatz very not true not only can ppl get diagnosed az young az 10 but also just bc u cant get diagnosed doesnt mean u font have it tahzt so stupid im 15 and i have bpd and have been showing symtomz since 9 so no ur wrong

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that's not true. a lot of teens display symptoms that show but in a different form all the way into adulthood. you can't get diagnosed under 18 not because you just can't but bcs they don't want to be mistaken, even though they rarely are! most of the ppl wgo get misdiagnosed w bpd have cptsp or some other mood disorder which is also serious but can get mistaken frequently in adulthood too! i am speaking from experience because i got diagnosed at 15,i am now 16, medicated for 2 years and undergoing cbt and dbt, hospitalised 5 times.. i understand your anger, i really do, and i am so sorry that someone who didn't go trough what you did is saying hat, but trust me- those who are rlly convinced they have bpd, either have it (2-5% of the population) or have some other serious mental disorder so i don't think we should be mean and pinpoint, but emphatise and let them get through it. at least that way they'll get proper care

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I literally said they can display symptoms but can’t be diagnosed or self diagnose so….

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Also don’t think anyone should be diagnosed until 18 because even if you show symptoms and have issues you can go into remission easier I’ve been showing symptoms since I was really young like 8-10 but got diagnosed at 18 which is fair because something that was an issue for me at 15-17 isn’t much of an issue now because the facts are BPD gets better with time and it truly does I still suffer a lot but I’m not just going on a whim and killing myself like I use to when I was still a kid I’m 22 almost 23 now and just now am able to have the resources I need for therapy I’m in three types of therapy and have a psychiatrist and I take no meds because I’ve been going through all meds you can name since I was 11 I’ve ruined my brain and body with meds for decade and some instead of them just lettin me grow up more and teach me coping mechanisms now I’m even more fucked up so I feel for you and hope that doesn’t happen to you because I was 13 being treated like a BPD patient but couldn’t be diagnosed and that fucked me up in the long run by them forcing meds down my throat when you can’t cure BPD but you can go into remission with the right therapy so hope you can get to the point as I am on the journey now after a decade to finally Getting into remission.

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