5am poetry

not to brag but I just wrote some poetry I'm actually proud of


The only kind of happy I can be

Without it feeling like lying

Without feeling like

I'm hiding behind a mask

Is bittersweet

The kind of bittersweet where

I have stains on my shoes

And holes in my clothes

But they all have memories

The king of bittersweet where

I lost my favorite toy

Or broke up with my partner

But i'm happy something 

can make me this sad

The kind of bittersweet where

It's been hot and humid

Or dry and cold

But I know it's going to rain tomorrow

And rain is my favorite weather

But sometimes I forget to be bittersweet

And I just get sad

Or lonely

Or scared

And that's when I take a break

Have a cup of tea

And don't force myself 

To be


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