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Recently found out my favourite book genre. I recently got back into reading I learned how to read at age 4 on my own and never stopped reading until I was 11/12 years old (just noticed that’s friggin 10/11 years ago I’m old) I still read I just read fanfics I started my first one and never stopped reading fanfics like ever I got hooked dare I say I hyperfixated on it. But point is I didn’t read any book after that I got lucky in high school the books we had to read I had already read in elementary school so I went 10 years without reading a book and finally decide I need something to be my escape again like it use to so I went to barnes and noble found the last book I had ever read before fanfics consumed me it’s called the hate list (I 10/10 recommend so good) then I was like I wanna get a book I haven’t read before I looked for hours then looked up bpd books since I have bpd (borderline personality disorder not bipolar but I do have both) the first one recommended was girl in pieces for some reason I looked at the cover on my phone and instantly knew I needed it asked a lady that worked there where it was she told me they must be out of that book on the floor and she’ll check in the back I waited for like 10-14 minutes anxiously because I knew if they didn’t have it I’d have to look around for another hour to find another book that’d interest me since I only like a specific type of books the lady comes back and says “you’re in luck this was the last one it was hidden” I gladly took the book from her little did I know it was gonna be my peace. I ended up finishing the book in two days (would’ve been one day if I didn’t have work) and just like that I was in love with books again. I started looking up books similar to girl in pieces found two I wanted. The next day after I finished the book I went back to barnes and noble and I walked around looking for the two books I searched for. I looked for like 30 minutes before I got enough courage to just ask someone where they were. Well turns out they only had one book that I searched up the night before the bell jar. The lady ended up talking me out of getting it because it’s low-key racists and they use the N word too much and as a black woman I don’t wanna read a book written by a white woman that has the N word in it yet alone a lot of it. So she asked me what genre I was looking for and I literally just said idk I loved girl in pieces and she looked me dead in my eyes and said “so you’re a sad girl book type person” I stared at her like someone finally understood me for the first time in my 22 years in earth. She showed me Eileen, the girl I use to be, and the female of the species (another girl showed me this book). I’ve now got like 100 pages left of the female of the species which should only take me like 2 hours to finish and I’m excited. Anyways sorry for the long paragraph about how I found out sad girl books are my genre. Just hope someone else sees this and finally knows what genre of book they love too.

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