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HWAAAAAAH YESSSSSS happy vocaloid times

Why did I never realise how nice japanese vocaloid voices singing english sounds so GOOD?? Seriously, ever since I've been a smol teen vocaloid weeb my biggest dream was to make a song and have Kagamine Len sing it. It's  h a p p e n i n g

I got into making music as a hobby back in 2018/2019 ish, and started posting songs last year which has been nice :D But I never used Len, since I don't know shit about Japanese (tried to learn but gave up lol) and his English vb is, honestly, really bad. 

BUT NOW, I couldn't keep myself from it anymore and so I'm trying to use his japanese vb to make him sing English, THE VIBE. THE CONSONANTS. THE POWEEEEEEER. HE SOUNDS SO GOOOOOOOOOOD MY BOI. Teen me, THIS IS FOR YOU

I still have to work on the instrumental, plus the lyrics need a couple tweaks, but I'm really close to finishing my first Len song!! ;U; Ofc I gotta make art for it first but yyyyeeeeeee boiiiiii. 

The song is like 8.5 minutes long so I doubt people will listen to it but WHO CARES I'm making a Len song mhmmm :>

TLDR; Len EN sux, Len JP rulez. Use jp to sing english?? Genius

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