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This is Leo 🐰 He's a 5-year old lionhead rabbit. He's about 3.5 pounds and that's as big as he'll get. He is terrible at math, great at laying around, and can eat the same things everyday without complaining. This is why we're twins. 🤗

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📣 lindsay

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awww so tiny and adorable ☺☺☺☺ i always wanted a small rabbit or guinea pig

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so cute! gimme ( ^◡^)っ ♡

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I'm gonna remember that I might have to send him your way to bunnysit for a couple weeks
( . .)
( づ

by LEROY; ; Report

yassss! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡

by MARI ♡; ; Report


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Leo is so cute! I'm terrible at maths too and I eat pretty much more or less the same things every day too haha so I'm very similar to him as well!

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Omg Leo is everything, thank you for sharing him with us! I miss having bunnies around

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he is so cool. however, he looks decent at math...

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lol just geometry tbh. there's no hope for algebra and trig

by LEROY; ; Report

better than me!!

by hannah; ; Report


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so fluffy oh my gosh!!!!

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he's so adorable

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𝙑𝙄𝘾𝙏𝙊𝙍 ⁷⁷⁷ 's profile picture

( . .)
( づ🥕

it's almost like having your own Pikachu

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you know what ...
I see the vision ⚡

by LEROY; ; Report

✟ Rose ✟

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he's soooo cute omg!!!!

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Sian Cherry

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give him all the hugs and kisses for me pls

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OMG is soooo CUTE and fluffyyyyyyyyyy!!!! >0<

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i want a pet rabbit but my mom said no and they belong in the wild! :(

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aw :( my parents were the same way with any pet for me. no cat no dog, rabbit, turtle, NOTHING lol but you'll be able to get one one day! maybe your parents will be okay with something smaller like a guinea pig? it would be easy to care for and can live inside.

by LEROY; ; Report


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THATZ SUCH A KEWT BUNNY I LOVVE LEO SM,,, THX FOR POSTING!!! I hope Leo n u have a wonderful day :3

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aww thank you so much 🙏 same to you as well! wishing great days for all of us :) i appreciate it!

by LEROY; ; Report

andy chester

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agghhhhhhh bunny 🐰🥹

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🥕 If I get another one, I'll name him Andy

by LEROY; ; Report

*big hugs* 🫶🏻

by andy chester; ; Report


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He's so cuuuuute Thanks for sharing!

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Thank youuu ☺🙏

by LEROY; ; Report


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Thanks for sharing, Leo is adorable omg!

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Excellent Photos! He looks both relaxed and curious about what the the future hops, er, holds.

What are some surprising things you've discovered about rabbits since becoming a bunny dad?

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Love your bunny!! How precious!!

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