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on est allé....

in lubbock since about twelve hours after the last post. it has been quite slick. turns out i am an idiot concerning the tuition and it is all okay and we got the truck back and sorted just as i posted my prior lament. still no bed, and my books are at the post office in brenham, but that'll be taken care of soon.

have had a good few successful gatherings at our house, one party and twice that people just showed up and kinda didn't leave (a win in our book). music good. friends good. food good. we are cracked.

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jason self doxes

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doxxed myself a long time ago (few brenham residents exist (fewer greek brenham residents exist))

by iason; ; Report

fewer still moved to lubbock

by Fawkes; ; Report

and even fewer that know the ball rolling personally

by iason; ; Report