so here is a more in depth version of my interests

here is a more detailed version of my interests for those that wish to talk with me but dont know on whatΒ 

so I'm kinda a nerd i really like bugs like anything to do with them peeks my interest. im one of those people who is always down to come up with theories with you. i love creepy topics its like my soul. I'm into starwars but I'm one of the ones who liked the prequels better then any of them. i have my passionate music types but I'm very versatile in listening except hyper pop it makes my brain melt. I'm also versatile in my reading ill read anything once. I'm very witchy so anything to do with spells potions or like the woods I'm down to talk about. I'm also kinda crow brained i like shiny stuff and I'm always down for cracking jokes or sharing memes. I also just like hearing about other peoples interests a lot of times they become my own. I don't know every anime but i do like talking about anime as well. I'm also a big gamer so i like talking about any game tbh. I'm a poet and story writer so like i love hearing other peoples poems and stories and comparing them. I also love talking about like game and tv show theories.Β 

that's all I could think of but like ahhhhh i hope it helps you guys get a glimpse into my world much love to you all<3 :D

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