my tattoo flash designs

i wanna share my tattoo designs with you all <3 

i’ve been tattooing since 2018. below are the flash sheets i’ve made over the years. i want to make more. eventually, i would like to tattoo only my own style, and mostly my pre-drawn designs, though there are some subjects i love to draw for custom pieces. i’m based in illinois, i tattoo in springfield and kankakee (a distant suburb of chicago.) my work is influenced by my inner child and teen, nature, divination, queerness, and xicana identity.

these are not posted chronologically, but, most are dated. the ones that aren’t are revamps of old sheets i made early on. everything is digital here, some of it began as physical sketches as far back as 2017 when i would get stoned and draw after working a double waiting tables  

thanks so much for looking. i’ll be making another post with my tattoos on skin, both flash and custom designs. 

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the fantastic mr fox flash is so good!!

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thank youuu, i love ash <3

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