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listening to emergency contact by ptv rn

WOAH! another life update from alex?? in one month???? insnane!!!!!!

so, as the title says im currently listening to emrgency contact by ptv bc it FUUUUUCKZZZZZZZZZ i love this song so much it feels like vic is reaching out and ripping out my heart, its so fcuuking good

ofc i started school, its the second day of the 2nd week. I switched to english honors bc normal english kept repeating and english honors is actually?? easier than normal english (funny bc its an honors class n also english is one of my least fav subjectz)
we had a suicide prevention training thing instead of english, and i think it was important but i also felt a lil uncomfortable, which was kinda understandable suicide is very heavy

for some weird reason it made me feel like i need to journal, or like do more life updates in general. Ig itz kinda like when i watched a video essay on Before Your Eyes and i felt like i needed to journal so i could be able to look back on my life even when i cant remember it as well anymore. idk, but i do think itd be fun to journal more. My therapist will probably tell me to anyway once im able to see her, so itlle be good practice

oh yeah also, those therapist and hormone appointments i mentioned last month? they both had to be rescheduled, but my parents havent actually gotten around to rescheduling them yet so uhh


i made a few new friends, mostly ppl tht were friends of my friends, but also a cool kid in my choir class gave me their number B] weve been texting pretty frequently and theyre fun to talk to, plus they even got me to watch sweeney todd which has been on my to-watch list for EVER

OH OH OH i went to the bookstore yesterday bc i needed to buy Catcher in the Rye for class, and while i was there i found a LIES FOR THE LIARS CD!!!!!! its such a good album, i listened to bird and the worm during mid-elementary school, and now paralyzed is my fav track
i love collecting physical copies of the music i listen to, it just hits different on my record/cassette player (which, i got a new one and it connects to bluetooth too??? its insane)

ermmm my siblings and i have started season 10 of Adventure time, gumbald just started being a shithead (yippee)
were hodling off on finishing the show until the weekend bc 1 i dont have the time to finish it on school nights and 2 i am not emotionally prepared yet
also i think ive become unhealthily attached to finn, to the point where ive momentarily thought i was literally him for a hot sec
i had a dream that i was him and now i cant get the cliff and pond/lake taht was in it out of my head
like i DESPERATELY need to find it

ok i think thats it for now? idk, if i have more ill come back at some point

see you later mothers fuckers and others, and stay fresh cheese bags

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