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ayy hello so many newss

aight, the first one is that ive got a ztalkerrr!!! (vine booms and that fruen fuen fuen fueeen sad trumpet noise) the second one is that this place right here, which i thought i was a safe place to be a lil crazy, a lil deranged even, is not a safe place anymore bc that crazy bitch named LUCAS (ill spell it in capitals cuz im pretty sure he will see it) likes to be creepy asf even after its been MONTHS since we last talked :/ and stalked my new account on twitter, scrolled to the very bottom of my blog and READED ALL OF IT one for one,  had gone after ALL THE PPL IVE EVER MENTIONED to him and makes a list of them, framed me as a psycho and showed some posts that i made when i was VERY MENTALLY UNWELL to an ex friend of mine, that ive mentioned here. <33 i reached out to the two of them that didnt already know the whole story and told them what happened, one of them is undestandably mad at me for said posts (i think shes still sad but i didnt rlly get it since she told me she was okay) and we just kinda explained stuff to each other and i told her to take care, and the other told me that LUCAS is BATSHIT INSANE and was exxxtra toxic and omitting while they were in a relationship *-*. well. anyway, im gonna try to find ppl that i connect in this small ass town and if im sucessful, ill update u ppl!! love u all, including the stalker bc i KNOW i live rent free in ur head, thx 4 dat!! id hate to have to pay rent to live in such an awful space! anywayz, buh bye c yall as soon as i can (when i feel like poztin again :3) kissiez and cya

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