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uni is the biggest npc experience istg

like i find it so strange when people describe their uni experience like it's their second home and how much they love it, they prefer it to home etc.

but for me personally i feel like the main character of a video game who has been sent off on a levels-long side quest, completing random tasks to rank up xps so that when i eventually come back home for a month i can just do everything then.

and because im the unemployed friend i have just so much time and money on my hands the whole 10-week term just feels like a fever dream the only times i feel like actual conciousness is when im come home or to like london with my friends (like in november when we went to see yung lean :333) other than that i feel like a knock-off legend of zelda link ( •_•)   [11.01] 

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fair. Honestly I loved the freetime college gave me, even if I think most of the important stuff I did was still rooted in the past. If you have a hobby, goals or funny ideas, now's the time to try it. The thing about side quests is they give more EXP.

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ye the freetime is great tho i think the main thing is is that my uni is in a kinda boring town so there arent as many activities as back home but i think that seeing it as a way of getting exps makes it a bit more fun, adds a little adventure to the boredom which is fun

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