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career planning

im exploring a lot of different options right now. im a sophomore now so i still have some time, but i thought id log my thoughts here now to look back on later

i intend on pursuing a creative career. since there's so many different faucets of creativity, i think have many options here. "creative career" is a bit vague after all. something artistic. some form of arts. my cte pathway in school is gonna be culinary, so culinary arts its something im definitely considering. ive always wanted to go into animation or freelance art, so i want to do that too. im very passionate about writing, so perhaps a writer (either for shows or movies or for books). if when the time comes and i end up not being interested in any of those careers, ill probably just be an english major. 

the one specific career im interested in currently is working for adultswim. id like to be a member of the creative team. or maybe its willaims street im interested in, but i digress. i wanna work on shows. it doesn't really matter what i do, but im especially interested in coloring, writing, or animation.

im hoping to get my first job soon. i don't know where but hopefully i will get a job. id try spencers but they cant hire me cos of the back, miniso doesn't hire minors because they're an international company, hot topic isn't hiring, and neither is the dragon store. so most of the favorable options are off the table. if i had my food handlers license id try a place like Starbucks but i don't have one yet. maybe ill try 7-11 next. im moving to another city tomorrow (one still close by, its only 3 miles away from my current) so ill probably try the mall there for jobs instead. the other mall (the one with hot topic) is closer to my school tho so we will have to just wait and see.


i recently emailed adult swim (or, i sent a contact request) asking about career options and possible internships. since their california campus is in burbank and i live closer to mexico, id have to do things remotely. im not really sure how far this would take me, but i figured it was worth a shot. im also looking over warners career options page since theyre adult swims parent company. when it comes to an in person, real job though, im considering michaels. theres one near my house i could try to apply to. part of my motivation is that they dont drug test, another is that i havent stolen from them before. im a kleptomaniac and that makes it more anxiety inducing to try to get a job bc ive stolen from like,every place and what if i go and they pull out the footage on me :sob: (im just kidding i would never steal ever and i love the law i would never break it and im a fully law abiding citizen)

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You can look for different career options that colleges near you offer, that is what I had done before to search for jobs with the specific fields I like. Try looking into digital media and graphic design courses as well.

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