Old creepypasta comic?

idk if anyone remembers, but my brother brought up that i should cosplay ticci toby and it made me remember the old comic "i eat pasta for breakfast", since thats how i figured out how creepypasta fandom existed MANY years ago. i forgot who made it so i looked it up on youtube and there was a ton of reposters(assuming the original got deleted of something) and while i was watching it through it just made me think "how did i watch this over and over without a single thought in my head???"..like with all the g0re in it how did i just watch this without not screaming in horror as a kid..i cant find the exact date or year it came out the youngest i see right now is 2016?? idk lolzz anyways some of the characters are REALLY unique like mastema some of the character designs are so cool i swear

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