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racoon tail extensions

Yall where tf do I get racoon stripe extentions??

Do I like buy them like that and if so where?

Or do I buy extentions and dye the stripes in them? My main concern with that is buying extentions made with fake hair and not being able to dye it cuz itz plastic.

To those of you that have racoon tail tail extentions plz help me


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U really shouldn't shorten the word raccoon xD that's a while slur

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Shit I did not know that thank you for telling me that!!!

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No worries ur chill :p

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Also. Whole* ;-;

by max4z0mbi3b0yz; ; Report

Wolfie Is Dead :3

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U can find them at accessory stores that sell collars, ribbons, headbands, rings, fantasies, etc! ^_^ And yes, u paint the stripez but u have to be careful not to get faek hair

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