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About me, maybe?


I'm new here, and I just wanted to be able to share a little bit more about me, and this type of blogging is my fav. I live in Vermont, I just moved here at the end of last October... I broke up with my boyfriend on December 30th. So its been a hectic slew of emotions already this year. My birthday is coming up and I'm trying to be able to enjoy myself. I have 3 cats, one just had kittens, so now I have 6 more. (I am becoming the crazy cat lady haha) I love animals, I like to work, I enjoy smoking and I love, a good conversation. I am pretty opinionated but I'm also very open minded. I love a good discussion about stuff with people of opposing opinions as long as it isn't a pissing contest. I swear like a sailor, but love with my whole heart. I also like to learn new things but hate people who talk down on others for not knowing something/asking for help or instruction. I am a social person, trapped inside the mind of an homebody. I love being out and talking to people but I always prefer a good day in with some music and good vibes. I'm not political, I'm not really religious. The closest 'label' I've found that works is Omnist, the recognition and respect of all religions and their god or gods, or lack thereof.  I like learning about everyone's different perspectives on everything so if you want to chat, hit me up! I'm always down to answer questions too. I look forward to getting to know y'all :) 

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