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I'm back! Music and Life Is Good! :)

Sheesh, 9 months since my last blog?! A lot has changed! I've found a lot of amazing bands, lost friends, made new ones, have some new exes, am with the love of my live, and now regularly attend local shows! I also quit my job at starbucks and now am back at hot topic! :) also i work part time as a scare actor at The Haunted Hotel! A dream come true! But anyways most recently i've been listening through all of The Used albums again they're so good, I've gotten addicted to Cut Up Angels and Pretty Handsome Awkward! Also Go Hang Music has a good few songs Allah's Plan has been on repeat for me tbh. Also i know i know i can already feel the reactions, but We Came As Romans cover of I knew You Were Trouble has me in a chokehold for some reason! Finally BRCDS is a new up and coming deathcore-ish band and their song Past Reflections is so good i have it on my mp3. But that's all for now! much love-I43 XD

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